It's All Been Done Radio Hour is a modern, geeky, comedy live show and podcast in the style of old-timey radio serials. The content is roughly PG-13-rated. Its official website is It is the flagship program and first one created for It's All Been Done Presents entertainment network. The network is a spin-off of this show. It was created by Jerome Wetzel.

The first live performance was July 11, 2015. Regular shows occur monthly, and the troupe also does several special performance per year. The first eight months were performed in the side room at Packrat Comics in Hilliard, Ohio. From month nine to present, the troupe has been based out of MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio.

Each live performance is made up of multiple, separate episodes of various serials, which are broken up and podcast weekly. The podcast launched January 3, 2016.

It's All Been Done Radio Hour won a 2016 Audio Verse Award for Best New Show in its category. It was a 2017 finalist. It was also named Best Group Break Through Performance at the 2016 OGP Awards.


Each live show is made up of episodes of one of our recurring segments.

Each individual segment goes onto the weekly podcast as its own episode. Originally, live shows were jumbled so as to spread our less-often performed segments more evenly. But as of the release of Show XVII, with few exceptions, everything is released in performance order.

Current Segments

Concluded Segments



In between segments, there are fake commercials to serve as a palate cleanser. While two batches of commercials from the earliest shows were released as regular podcast episodes, most have been put out singely as 'bonus' episodes on Tuesdays with a dedicated numbering system where the # is replaced with C. The commercial segments are:

Currently Recurring Commercials

Retired Recurring Commercials

One-off Commercials

Troupe Members

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Original Troupe Members Still Performing


Additional Current Troupe Members

Former Troupe Members

Guest Stars

Main article: It's All Been Done Radio Hour guest stars (coming soon).

Almost all of the regular monthly shows have included guest stars. Some guest stars have appeared multiple times. Auditions for guest stars are open to the public on Radio Hour's website.



Since July 2015, It's All Been Done Radio Hour has performed every month, usually on the second Saturday, although occasionally on a different Saturday. It has also performed numerous special shows in addition to its regular ones.

The Packrat Comics and most special shows have been free, while monthly shows at MadLab and the special ones at the Columbus Podcast Festival cost to attend. MadLab tickets in 2016 were $5 for general admission. In 2017, the price went up to $7 for general admission and $5 for students and seniors. The fall shows in 2018 (September, October, and November) had "football season pricing" of $5 general admission.

In 2018, IABD: After Dark launched, an hour-long, experimental, non-canon version of the program featuring regular actors and characters. It is an adults-only performance, more vulgar than the traditional show. The first such event was Friday, 25th at 10PM, and the second is scheduled for Friday, December 7th at 10PM. It is performed at MadLab theatre, in the usual Radio Hour space, and is part of MadLab's Friday Night Afterwords series.