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"May Showers" is the second episode of Packer & Ratcliff Season Three and the thirtieth episode of the series overall. It is the closing segment of Show XXXVII. It features one of the leads of Pornstar Detectives as a guest character.

Written by Jerome Wetzel

Directed by Dallas Ray

Previous episode: "Origins"

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The Story

TIM brings Packer and Ratcliff to a 'random' location, but refuses to tell where they are and why. Ratcliff asks a girl walking by for the answer, and she eventually reveals they are in Santa Samantha, sometime before November 2016, but not too much before, as the girl's cousin is Donald Trump, who has not yet become president, an idea she finds far-fetched.

Packer and Ratcliff quickly grow tired of trying to get an answer from the girl and want to leave, but TIM refuses, telling them they will see in time why he's brought them here. Things become more clear when they realize they are talking to a sixteen-year-old Amber Showers, who is on her way to the grocery store. Her mother dead, her father mentally ill, Amber has taken on care giving much more than most kids are expected to do. She is creeped out when the guys reveal they have 'spied' on her before, and leaves.

Ratcliff is uncharacteristically touched when he finds out how hard her life is, and wants to arrange something to make it easier. Delighted, TIM tells him what he can, setting up Amber before her father kills himself next week. TIM also admits that he brought them to someone 'pure of heart' so that they could remember the important things, and also be a bit nicer to him.

As they leave, Larry enters and is stunned by what he sees.

Guest Stars

Amanda Iman as Amber Showers

Shane Stefanchik as Larry

Karen Perta as the Narrator


  • "May Showers" takes place in the Pornstar Detectives / The Scary Dead dimension a few years before either segment starts. It is confirmed that this Amber is the same Amber from Pornstar Detectives.
  • This dimension is not our dimension, but the narrator says it is "very, very similar."
  • This was Amanda Iman's final segment as a member of the troupe. She had long asked to learn more about Amber's family and backstory, and this episode honors that request.
  • Chris Allen, the regular narrator, took this live show off. Multiple cast members replaced him, with Karen Perta narrating this episode.
  • Larry's story through both segments mentioned above has been seen, all the way up to his death. So the audience knows there won't be any implications for him seeing TIM, right?